"Success Comes To Those Who Persist In Creating New Plans To Replace The Old Failed Plans"

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"Why Most People Fail?"..

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24th January 2020

...Chris T Atkinson

From The Desk Of Chris T Atkinson
-Brisbane, Australia

Dear iMaster in the Making...,

If we are completely honest with ourselves, every one of us has come up short when it comes to finding plans that work.

In fact, in most cases, when we have a new idea that we want to implement in our lives, our first attempts almost always falls short.

There Is No "Failure" Per Se
But Rather, A Choice..

Do we choose to draft new plans and keep going? Or do we give up on the idea and move on.

The first thing you should recognize is that this quote should be taken to heart when it comes to fulfilling your ultimate goals and dreams in life.

The BIG Dreams...

I'm talking about that goal you may have to ditch your desk job to start the animal sanctuary you've always dreamed of owning...

You know what I mean... the BIG Dreams!..

Right now you may be working on a big goal or a big idea and things may not be going so well. Remember this quote and remember to adjust, adapt and expand your ideas but NEVER give up if the goal is important to you.

You can do it... you just need to persist. And sometimes that persistence will be the only thing to keep you going.


"Success Comes To Those Who Persist In Creating New Plans To Replace The Old Failed Plans"

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    1. 1.Action Step 1.Record In Your Journal, in what way(s) today's Message spoke to you?..
      1. IE: What big goal or a big idea do you need to persevere in by creating a new plan for it?
    2. 2.Action Step 2: What one action will you take today to move you closer towards persevering on your big goal or big idea by creating a new plan for it?
    3. 3.Action Step 3: Hit reply to today's email and let me know what one action you will take today to move you closer towards persevering on your big goal or big idea by creating a new plan for it?..
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Live Like The Master
Chris T Atkinson

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