"Build Your Dreams With Joy or You'll Build Someone Else's Dreams With Regret"

Day 2 of 27

"A Question You Must Answer If You Want To Succeed In Life?"

And why pleasing people can destroy your dreams!..

24th January 2020

...Chris T Atkinson

From The Desk Of Chris T Atkinson
-Brisbane, Australia

Dear iMaster in the Making...

Nothing is more harmful to your own growth and development than being a "people pleaser".

We all crave acceptance and approval from family, friends, co-workers, and so on. It is a natural human instinct..

..But Don't Let The Desire To
Please People Hold You Back..

..YES be sure to not allow your need for acceptance hold you back when it comes to your life and your dreams.

There may be new projects you want to embark on, a new career you want to start, an old friend you want to reconnect with. These kind of decisions will not always be looked upon as "positive" by the people in your life.

Ultimately you need to ask yourself..

"Is this idea important to me? If I pursue this idea,
will my life gain more meaning and happiness?"..

If the answer is yes then you MUST act, despite any negative opinions or judgments from the
people around you.

Use this day to focus on giving yourself approval and GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT!..


"Build Your Dreams With Joy or You'll Build Someone Elses Dreams With Regret"..

fade-leftfade-rightReflection + Action = Transformation:


  1. 1.Action Step 1.Record In Your Journal, in what way(s) today's Message spoke to you?..

IE: What idea is important to you that you believe will bring you more meaning and happiness?..

  1. 2.Action Step 2: What one action will you take today to move you closer towards this idea that you believe will bring you more meaning and happiness?..
  2. 3.Action Step 3: Email me at chris@imastersacademy.com with the subject line: "Day 2 of 27" to let me know what idea is important to you and the one action you will take today to move you closer towards this idea..

NOTE: Although at this level of "Free Subscription" I can't 100% guarantee I will reply to your email, due to time constraints. I can assure you I will read your email as I love to see the progress of all my students who sign up to my Personal Development Programs! :) ..

Live Like The Master
Chris T Atkinson

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