A life of purpose is the purpose of life..

"What Is A Life Purpose?.. And How To Find Yours!"..

Finding Your Life Purpose Brings You Alive, Without Purpose We Drift Aimlessly Like Ships Lost At Sea..

24th January 2020

From The Desk Of Chris T Atkinson
-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dear Friend..

When you hear the words “life purpose,” you might imagine people engaged in a higher calling, like priests or nuns or missionaries or doctors and scientists. Said another way, people who are doing very important life changing work in the world.

And whilst its true that people like this may certainly be living a life full of purpose. You might be surprised to discover that a life purpose doesn’t necessarily have to be so altruistic.

In fact, I want to share with you how "purposeful living" or "living a purpose driven life" can have limitless expressions – many of which you've probably never even considered before?..

For example the dictionaries definition of purpose is:

1) An object or result aimed at : INTENTION

So what does this mean then?

It simply means, a “purpose” can be an intention or a resolution. So then, in basic terms a “life purpose” is a commitment or resolve to live in a certain way and produce specific objectives. If that sounds a little confusing, don’t fret. We are are about to make it crystal clear.

You Can Actually Have Fun And Make
A Positive Difference In The World!..

For the moment, all you need to know is that you DON’T need to have a deep inner “calling” in order to have a life purpose. You don’t have to give away all your worldly possessions and become a missionary in order to make a make the world a better place.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that finding and living your life purpose will be a comfortable and enjoyable process. Because little by little, you’ll create circumstances in your life which are totally in sync with who you are, what you like & don't like, your natural abilities, and so much more.

YES it's the type of inner journey that changes your whole life – from emptiness to fullness, from boredom to passion, from aimlessness to focus and from unhappiness to an unbridled joy and beyond!

Do you struggle to believe that finding and living your life purpose is possible for you?..

Do you see your current problems in you life as brick walls that you can’t break through?

Do you worry that you will never break free from your current negative circumstances?

If so, I encourage you to put aside all feelings of doubt and unbelief for the moment. And I ask that you would be willing to entertain the thought that your life DOES have meaning. Because when you do that, you will then be open to the profound insights that will begin to follow!

 Live Like The Master

Chris T Atkinson
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