6 Tips To Help You Let Go Of Yesterday..

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 25 of 30

Letting go of anything can be painful. You may need to let go of a person or an idea that you’ve held on to for years, but now know that they’re negative forces in your life and you must let go or suffer the negative consequences…

Before you take action to rid yourself of yesterday’s baggage, you must be willing to accept the changes that your new beginning will bring. You need to open up to the possibilities that lie ahead and not hang on to the bad memories and actions of the past..

You may be letting go of some bad habits in your life such as unhealthy eating, smoking or saying goodbye to a job that no longer holds a bright future for you. Intellectually, you may know that you have to let go in order to experience progress, but actually taking action is difficult.

When you’re finding it hard to let go of negative areas of your life and make way for new beginnings, here are 6 tips that might help:

1.Accept the past. Whatever you’ve done or been in the past is history. Only until you accept that past can you let go of it and set yourself free to move on to a better future..

2.Take action by meditating. Meditation may not seem like action, but when you meditate, your brain is working overtime to bring clarity and focus to your life.

3.Set your goals for the future. Nothing helps get rid of the past like looking toward the future. Align your goals with the life’s purpose you see for yourself.

4.Don’t think of yourself as a victim of the past. Terrible things may have happened in your past, but when you continue to see yourself as a victim, you’re hanging on to yesterday rather than letting tomorrow guide you down a path of new and better beginnings.

5.View past mistakes as opportunities. The horrific mistakes you’ve made in the past can be a springboard for making you a better person.

6.Visualize yourself as the person you want to be. No matter how you want to change from what you were in the past, you’ve got to let go of that old image to begin creating the one you desire.

Believe in yourself and that you can let go of all of yesterday’s regrets and mistakes and make the future brighter. You’re only given this one life, so treat each day as if it was a gift. Unwrap it carefully and with excitement..

Is it time for New Beginnings?..


“Loving Yourself Better, Often Means Letting Go Of Toxic People & Circumstances In Your Life”..

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Chris T Atkinson
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Loving Yourself Better (MasterPeace Art | Original Picture Quote)

My Thoughts Behind This Creation: The image of a woman standing on a pier over a lake, looking out at the magnificent snow capped mountains as they dance with the beautiful colours of twilight speak into our lives the following Truths..

..This woman standing on the edge of the pier is someone who is beginning to appreciate both the BEAUTY inside and outside of herself.. For she is now beginning to take the time to remove herself from the busyness of life to contemplate the beauty of nature.. And in doing so, the majesty of "Creation" is refreshing her soul and nurturing her Spirit.. For she is realizing that she too has been created in God’s image and is also BEAUTIFUL despite those who have tried to steal, kill and destroy her beauty...

..And from this place of beauty she is now feeling more comfortable in her own skin, more ready to love and accept herself, with all her strengths and weaknesses(warts and all).. And from this place of BEAUTY that she will revisit time and time again (both externally and internally)... She is now able to be more kinder, gentler and forgiving with herself.. For she now knows that she must remove from her life the people and things that would seek to destroy this healthy perception of herself.. Yes "Loving Yourself Better, Often Means Letting Go Of Toxic People & Circumstances In Your Life"

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