A Friend Called “Change”..

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 8 of 30

Do you feel the whispering winds of change calling to you.. “It is time to come out of the shadows into the light.. It is time to rise upon the winds and embrace who you are and what I have for prepared for you”

Yet you are resisting because fear shouts to you “Change is bad, Change is scary, stay where you are, even though it is dark, better the demons you know than the angels you've yet to meet”..

Yet the truth is change brings NEW EXPERIENCES to YOU..

NEW EXPERIENCES  that CAN BE A BLESSING when you embrace them as your FRIEND and not your enemy..

Yes.. CHANGE is what makes the world go round and can bring NEW and WONDERFUL ADVENTURES into your life WHEN you Let CHANGE Happen IN You.. TO You and THROUGH You!..

Will you let CHANGE happen?..

Is it time for New Beginnings?..


“Embrace Change As Your Friend, Your Adventure Awaits You”

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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