Big Things Grow From Small Steps..

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 9 of 30

We often underestimate the power in taking the first step towards a goal or dream..

Why do we do this?..

Probably because we compare ourselves to others, which is always a mistake..

And why it is a mistake is because comparing ourselves to others is a foolish exercise that will either leave us feeling deflated as we may feel like a grasshopper standing next to a Giant.. Which is always the natural result of comparing ourselves to giants…

Or else on the other end of the spectrum we may feel puffed up with arrogance feeling like we are better than others when we look at them with a critical eye that puts them down to lift us up..

NO, NO, NO.. a thousand times NO!..

So then if both those exercises are futile that lead to nowhere good fast.. what are we to do?

Well, we are simply to work out who WE ARE.. And based on that discovery what WE should BE DOING that aligns with WHO WE ARE!..

Would an apple tree seed try to be an orange tree doing orange tree actions?.. No because if it did, it would bear no fruit and become very frustrated very fast..

Maybe you can relate to feeling frustrated with your life and what you have been doing.. For if our ladder HAS BEEN leaning on the wrong wall, then we don't need more motivation to speed us up in the wrong direction.. no rather we need more TRUTH to turn us around so we begin taking steps, (no matter how small) in the right direction..

Because if we as an Apple Tree simply began to do the things that Apple Trees do very naturally, then that would be a very different story..

A story where you would be in your TRUE ELEMENT.. Where you would BE the Hero in your own story that you are writing each day..

A story where everything you put your hand to could then surely succeed..

And succeed very naturally..

Because all an Apple Tree needs to do to succeed is BE itself and if it is planted in good soil with plenty of Sun and water then it will grow and in due season produce much fruit in an almost effortless fashion..

Everyone Else Is Taken

And likewise you will do the same when you are simply YOU!.. and besides that, everyone else is taken so you might as well be the BEST version of YOU!..

So work out who you are.. Because God has created you in a very unique way that you may not discover if you are always comparing yourself to others..

Because you will find the biggest diamonds in your own backyard and life not in someone else's backyard and life..

Sure you can learn and be inspired from others.. But in the end you have to look at yourself in the mirror and embrace who God has made you (warts and all)..

And those things you look at and think are weaknesses may just become the springboard to your greatest successes..

And you know what..

When you begin to take the smallest steps in the right direction being true to yourself and the goals and dreams within your heart… You will begin to grow into the Person you were created to BE.. And you will then begin to experience all the wonderful adventures that come with Being YOU!

Is it time for New Beginnings?..

Is it time for you to discover who you are and not who others have told you, you are?


“Big Things Grow From Small Steps”

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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