How To Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind!..

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 19 of 30

Think about things in a new way…

You may think of yourself as “set in your ways” about certain things, but you have the right to change your mind if something occurs (such as more knowledge) to tilt your thinking another way.

Sometimes it helps to gain a fresh perspective on life and let go of old beliefs..

Is it time for New Beginnings?..


“To Change Your Life, Change Your Mind. Then Immediately Back That Change With Daily Actions”

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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Change Your Life (MasterPeace Art | Original Picture Quote)

My Thoughts Behind This Creation: The image of the woman who is working out on the beach with a sunset speaks of someone who is committed to changing their life with daily physical actions that make their body their servant rather than their master. The beautiful setting of the Sun and ocean symbolizing that this person’s daily habit of exercise is something that feeds their spirit and adds life to them.. IE Rather than this being a daily drag to her, Her daily discipline is a Blessing.. This example of daily discipline applying to any area of our lives.. As exemplified in the following iMaster Success Formula: Sow A Thought Reap A Habit... Sow A Habit Reap A Character... Sow a Character Reap A Destiny..

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