How To Live Motivated (Hint: Find Your “Why”)..

Finding Your Why Quote & Note Day 13 Of 30

Today I want to share with you a little iMaster Success Tip which will make it much easier for you to get and stay motivated. The Tip being related to how to find your “Why” in everything you do. The “Why” simply being the reason why something needs to get done and how it benefits you in the end..

So on that note.. Enjoy the following 3 minute video.. How To Live Motivated (Hint: Find Your “Why”) :) .. 

Is it time to Find Your Why and Live Your Life Purpose?..


Internal Motivation Is Better Than External Motivation, And Is A River Of Life Within You That Never Runs Dry, When You Have A ‘Why', ‘Purpose' And ‘Dream'”.. 

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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River Of Motivation (MasterPeace Art | Original Picture Quote)

My Thoughts Behind This Picture Quote Creation: The image of a woman lying down on the top of the rock face looking out at the winding river blow that stretches out as far as her eye can see speak to us of the following truths..

The woman looking down at the river below remembers back to the days when she had no motivation for life, to the days when she would drag herself off to her job to do work she had no passion for.. Back then her Boss and others would be the ones that would help motivate her from the outside in to get stuff done..

But now those days are long gone because she is now motivated from the inside out doing work she loves.. For she has found herself and now knows what she is passionate about.. Yes she has found her "purpose" and why"(her reason for living and doing).. And as she looks down to the incredible scene below, and breathes in the fresh air, she feels exhilarated and excited for she knows her work is important and is making a difference in the world.. Just as you and your work can when you find and live "purpose" and why"

Yes.."Internal Motivation Is Better Than External Motivation,
And Is A River Of Life Within You That Never Runs Dry,
When You Have A 'Why', 'Purpose' And 'Dream'"..

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