How To Succeed By Making Lots Of Mistakes

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 2 of 30

A baby learns to walk by falling over.. A child learns how to ride a bike by doing the same..

Yet for some strange reason, when many of us become adults we stop exploring.. And we stop making mistakes..

How sad.. Because “Mistakes” are just another name for “Personal Growth” when we are willing to learn from our so called “mistakes”..

..Because we SUCCEED by making lots of mistakes that we then learn from until we perfect our thoughts and actions along the way!..

For how much more would life be our Oyster and the Great Pearl of Price waiting inside that oyster to be found by us.. If we would just begin to Dream Again like we did when the Kingdom of Heaven was close to us as children..

Can your hear LIFE calling your name?… INVITING YOU to PLAY and EXPLORE in the Great Unknown once again?..


“If You've Never Made Mistakes Then You've Never Tried Anything New”..

Is it time to LIVE and LEARN?… Is it time for NEW BEGINNINGS?

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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