How To Enter Your Promised Land..

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 15 of 30

Fear causes many to resist new beginnings. That’s especially true if it’s change that occurs outside of your current comfort zone.

If you’re making excuses about why you can’t change, you may feel the defeat before you even begin…

What you know now is familiar and comfortable – change means that you have to let go of that and face the unknown..

But you are not alone in facing and overcoming your fears.. Anyone who has ever achieved anything worthy in LIFE has had to overcome their fears.. And you will do the same in order to enter into your promised land on the others side of fear..

Is It Time For New Beginnings?..


“Your Freedom Exists Outside Your Comfort
Zone.. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways!”

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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Your Promised Land (MasterPeace Art | Original Picture Quote)

My Thoughts Behind This Creation: The image of this man standing on the mountain peak looking towards the setting sun over the distant mountains symbolizes that he is a man with vision. For he knows what he wants and he is looking towards his Promised Land (aka His Destiny) guided by the vision and light in his heart symbolized by the Sun..

However, for him to enter into his Destiny, Life Purpose and Promised Land he must go on a journey into the unknown. And in this journey he must leave the mountain heights where his vision of where he is to go is clear.. and then he must descend from the mountain into the valley of shadows where he must face and overcome his fears.. Only then when he has moved through his fears can he reach his full potential (aka His Promised Land and Destiny)..

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