Have You Learned Your Lesson Yet?..

New Beginnings Quote & Note – Day 23 of 30

We've all made mistakes..

We've all done things we regret.. Things we wish we could go back and change if we had a time machine..

But we don't have a time machine to go back in the past..

But we do have a FUTURE machine..

..A FUTURE machine where we can become BETTER now..

And tomorrow..

And the day after..

So we don't repeat the same mistakes in the future..

As the Planets Friendly Genius Buckminster Fuller once said before his passing, “The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Design It”… 

Life Is A Classroom

For this life is a classroom of sorts and LIFE will keep giving us the same tests until we pass them.. And though the people, the places and names may change.. The essence of the tests and what we need to learn, will remain the same, until we learn the lessons, pass the tests and graduate to new fields and pastures..

So I ask you.. What is LIFE trying to teach you?..

Are you listening to the still small voice counseling you to become BETTER in a certain area of your life?.. If you're not listening, now might be a good time to BEGIN..

Because, we will find FREEDOM when we begin moving in the right direction on the RIGHT path with the right people and with the right viewpoint and ATTITUDE.. Lest we continue to wander in circles and then die in the desert BITTER instead of BETTER..

But we needn't die in the desert… And we needn't be bitter..

For the Promised Land is waiting for us to enter where the BEST version of OUR SELVES resides and walks in VICTORY..

And you CAN walk in VICTORY my FRIEND!..

Is it time for New Beginnings?..


“You Can't Change The Past. But You Can Change The Future and Make It Better Than Before.. Starting Today”..

Live Like The Master



Chris T Atkinson
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Life Is A Classroom (MasterPeace Art | Original Picture Quote)

My Thoughts Behind This Creation: The image of Butterflies full of light emerging in the night from a glass container into green fields speaks of TRANSFORMATION.. The caterpillar transforming into the butterfly from a restricted limiting cocoon jar.. Likewise it speaks of our lives and how when we learn from the lessons of our past and become better not bitter, we then TRANSFORM into beings FULL of LIGHT into the green pastures and FREEDOMS that are our INHERITANCE.. Yes.. "You Can't Change The Past. But You Can Change The Future and Make It Better Than Before.. Starting Today"..

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